Our Environmental Policy.

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We are committed to energy efficiency and sustainability in the day to day running of the office and the way we design and manage our projects.

In order to provide a balanced solution we endeavour to remain fully informed of current legislation, best practice and future trends. This allows us to give advice and look for ways of delivering projects which meet our Clients priorities first and foremost, but manage and integrate current knowledge and technologies to provide a pragmatic and efficient building.

Sustainable Design Approach.

We work together with our Client to develop a sustainability approach and target performance for the specific project. We can also advise on Design Team selection to ensure that the relevent expertise is used where appropriate.

We look to maximise the potential of the site by considering aspects such as topography, sun paths, prevailing winds, water disposal, local ecology as well as economic contexts. Where appropriate we minimise the use of artificial ventilation and lighting through design and the use of energy efficient technologies. This helps to reduce overall running costs and improve the lifetime energy use.

We use tools such as the National Green Specification which allows us to select materials which provide the best balance of value and reduced ecological impact over their life-cycle. We consider embodied energy, transport energy, toxicity involved in production and disposal, local resources, recycled material, construction waste and the wellbeing of the occupants.

Latest News

There are many changes to the Approved Documents due to be implemented on 6th April 2013.  There will be a rationalisation of Parts M, K and N (Disabled Access, Protection from falling, collision and impact and Glazing). Also Part L has been revised regarding the display of Energy Performance Certificate ratings where available and exempting listed buildings from the need to have a certificate on their sale or rent. Public buildings over 500m² that are frequently visited by the public are required to display an energy certificate. It is expected that a more radical revision to Part L is expected at the back end of this year to strengthen new-build standards to pave the way to zero-carbon.

The Government scheme 'Green Deal' has now been launched and enables householders, private and social landlords to use loans to spend on energy saving improvements with no up-front costs. The improvements will cover various elements including new boilers, insulation and new windows. The loans for the work carried out will be paid back over as much as 25 years through the electricity bills. The loans will be capped at £10,000 and there are also cashback incentives to encourage householders to do as much as possible. The repayment arrangement stays with the house if the householder sells the property and is transferred if they change to a different provider.  

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