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Low e glazing- low emittance refers to a metallic oxide coating applied to the inner face of double glazed units to reduce heat loss through the glass. Can also reduce glare.

Ozone depletion potential- an evaluation of the potential for release of chemicals into the atmosphere during manufacture of materials. CFCs and HCFCs are common examples.

Passive- a term describing any building or component not requiring a form of mechanical assistance to operate.

Passive stack ventilation- designing a building form to promote natural ventilation without the use of powered fans.

Relative humidity- this is  represented as a percentage of the total amount of moisture that can be contained at saturation.

Renewable resources- materials or energy which can be replaced within its lifetime such as the regrowing of timber used in construction.

Resource depletion- certain materials, products or processes can lead to rarity, habitat damage or environmental degredation.

SAP rating- a method for rating energy for housing expressed in £/m² floor area. It is a prerequisite for calculating the Carbon Index.

SIPs- Structural Insulated Panels which are composite bonded structural panels of timber boards and petro-chemical based insulatives.

SUDS- Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems aim to reduce flood risk by attenuating the flow of rainwater from new developments through partial storage and porous surfaces.

Thermal conductivity- is a measure of the rate that heat flows through a material. expressed as W/mK.

Thermal resistance- is a measure of the resistance to heat flow given a known temperature at each side of the material for a specified thickness.

U-value- is a measure of heat transmission through a single square metre of the building in 1 hour from air to air with a temperature differential of 1 deg. C

Volatile organic compounds- VOCs are organic compounds that have high enough vapour pressures under normal conditions to significantly vapourise and enter the atmoshere under normal use or application.

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