Conserving fuel and energy.

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Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)

The Code is an environmental assessment method for new homes based upon the broad environmental concerns of climate change, resource use and impact on wildlife, and balances these against the need for a high quality of life and a safe and healthy internal environment. The Code aims to protect the environment by providing guidance on the construction of high performance homes built with sustainability in mind.

The Code uses a 1-6 star rating system to communicate the overall sustainability performance of a new home. Compliance with the Code at Level 3 has been mandatory for publicly funded homes in England from April 2007, but has been voluntary within the private sector. On the 27 February 2008 the Government confirmed a mandatory rating against the Code will be implemented for new homes from 1 May 2008

The key design categories that are assessed within the Code are; • Energy Efficiency/ CO2 Emissions • Water Efficiency • Responsible sourcing and specification of Materials • Surface water run-off • Waste Management • Pollution • Health & Well-being • Management • Ecology

The code for sustainable homes, is a useful tool for the building industry. It enables developers to demonstrate the level of sustainability that a development has been built to and it gives consumers confidence in what they are buying.

The code will help people who want to be green consumers, it will tell them, not just about their future fuel bills, but also about the quality of their homes and local environment. Something they are investing in for many years to come.

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 Other Buildings

Since October 2008 all commercial and public buildings are required to display an Energy Performance Certificate when sold or rented or constructed. It records how energy efficient a building is and is rated from A to G in much the same way as white goods such as fridges and washing machines are rated. The certificates can only be issued by Accredited Energy Assessors using approved software programmes. The purpose of the EC is broadly the same as the Code for Sustainability in housing in that it seeks to achieve an improvement in the way a building is designed, heated, insulated and ventilated.

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